Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
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Our Story

On the Mantle Boutique was founded in 2019 by Caryn Webster. After years in social services, Caryn longed for a creative-driven business that allowed her to design, create and share her goat soaps and skincare formulations with the world. 

Originally located in Northern Indiana, Caryn and her family recently relocated to Cassopolis, Michigan, between beautiful Stone Lake and Diamond Lake. The town is a true inspiration for Caryn, as it’s comprised of local history, eclectic buildings and beautiful sunsets. This is a perfect town for Caryn to grow her natural ingredients and incorporate local products into all of her fabulous skincare. 

At On the Mantle Boutique, we focus on natural ingredients, while focusing on providing budget friendly products to busy families. We strive to create as little waste as possible and refrain from all plastic use, unless absolutely necessary. We believe it is our duty to offer, support and encourage families to choose better products while being environmentally conscious. 

No two families are ever alike. We get that. You want to provide healthy products without breaking the budget. We understand high living costs. That’s why we break the mold, we strive to offer natural products, while being budget friendly. We further strive to incorporate local farmers and artisans, to continue growing our community. 



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