Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
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Why Fair Trade?

Environmentally friendly Fair Trade Recycled Sustainability

When posed with the question as to why we chose to incorporate Fair Trade into the boutique, it’s seemingly an endless answer of why’s. So we’ll try and narrow it down to our top reasons. 

First and foremost, our goal is to connect with others around the world. Our connection is not merely of friendship but more of support. As we receive support in our local community, we wanted our outreach to provide similar supports. When encompassing a Fair Trade approach, we are working towards alleviating global poverty and promoting sustainability; in turn embracing economic and social development.  

Secondly, as an artisan we want to support other artisans. Each artisan has a unique story and art craft that we want to share with the world. 

Lastly, we are always focused on making a positive environmental impact, therefore the items we have selected are environmentally friendly, natural, recycled, up-cycled, renewable and of non-toxic materials. 

All encompassing, we want to be connected and supportive of all; whether near or far, we are comprised of the same thread, therefore we must support one another. 

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