Headache Balm

Headache Balm

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If you suffer from tension headaches, this natural balm is for you! We have formulated this balm to help relieve tension in the muscles and help with headache relief. The essential oils utilized in this balm provide a powerful combination to help get relief. Frankincense is known for its assistance with neurological issues, so if you’re headache is more related to a migraine, this will help. Frankincense also helps to reduce inflammation. Spearmint was used for its cooling effect, which helps with immediate pain relief. Whereas, Peppermint further assists in cooling, while also alleviating pain and releasing tension. 

Basil was utilized for its properties of relieving pain, it’s often considered the forgotten oil, but it traditionally used in medicines for its powerful pain relief capabilities. The last oil we utilized is lavender, for its benefits to calm, relax and soothe. 

Ingredients: local beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic grape seed oil, organic essential oils. 

4 oz